Meet Tanya

Hi there! I’m Tanya — born and raised a foodie and a self-cook in my own kitchen. I am also the lady behind the camera who took all of the food photos. When I am not cooking, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my cute tot!

Why The Name Carrot Cake and Tea?

For those who know me, my favorite cake is, you guessed it, carrot cake! I am absolutely obsessed with the Publix brand carrot cake and cannot get enough of it! Every now and then, you will see me eating an entire bar of carrot cake — sorry, not sorry!

I was raised in an Indian home where tea was drunken every morning. I’ve grown to love black tea with milk and sugar and have it at least 3x a day! In conclusion, carrot cake and tea dot com was born! 🙂

Why Are You Doing This Blog?

Growing up, I’ve always had a passion for being in the kitchen making all kinds of yummies. Cooking calms me when I’m stressed or having an off day.

I have always been fascinated with the exotic and historic countries and their cultures, especially the kinds of food they eat. I started the Carrot Cake and Tea food blog so I can travel to 196 countries in my kitchen.

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